Christmas Engagement Ring[twitter]This is not a sexy topic, I’m going to warn you right off the bat, but it’s an important one.

When I did a radio station remote at Debearj Jewelers right before Christmas, the owner was giving me all sorts of tips about diamonds, and jewelry and the like. The one he said most people forget to do? Update their appraisals for their home insurance.

Think about it.

You got that diamond engagement ring 5, 10, 15 yrs ago? Jewelry is not cheaper now than it was then, and if something were to happen, you’d get the old appraised value. So get your rings re-appraised, people!

Smart stuff.

And, now that it’s after Christmas, you can think about all those toys that were hiding under the tree. Amidst that torrent of paper, ribbon, and bows are new jewels and electronics – and they need to be added to your insurance policy.

New iPads, bigger tvs, fancy new earrings and tear inducing engagement rings all need to be added. So, whip out one of those new calendars Santa also dropped off, pick a date after the holiday madness is over, and give yourself a reminder to get your jewelry re-appraised, and update your home insurance policy with all the great gifts Santa has left behind.

I warned you this wasn’t a sexy post, but it’s a common sense reminder type of thing that can set the stage for a great 2015!

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