I live in my jeans. This past weekend I had jeans on to empty the garage, watch a movie, catch the local orchestra, watch soccer practice, and chase my son up 54 flights of stairs.

Mark's Jeans

That last one is a bit of an outlier, I’ll admit. This weekend was the Climb For Wilderness to support the Alberta Wilderness Association so, following my son’s lead to support charities that support animals, I did the stair climb by his side – wearing jeans.

I’m working with Mark’s this year and the latest campaign is about their line of performance stretch denim. From Denver Hayes to Levi’s, Mark’s has jeans that stretch with you whatever it is you do. From cleaning the garage to crossing my legs at the theatre to .. climbing 54 flights of stairs.


I have two favorite pairs of jeans, Levi’s 541 and Levi’s 504. The 541 have a narrower leg for when I want to get my millennial on, but for this stair climb I chose the straighter cut of the 504. I paired my jeans with a Matrix short sleeve color block top, from Mark’s great looking, affordable line of workout wear. It looks great, wicks sweat away, and has a handy side pocket on the side to hold your id, keys, or music machine when you’re working out.

ootd levi's marks

Ready for the challenge I packed up my selfie stick and son, and headed up the 1188 stairs it takes to get to the top of one of Canada’s tallest buildings.


It wasn’t as hard as I thought. Without the training, I had visions of pulling myself up the final few flights. Sure, I took a few breaks, but it only took about 20 minutes to get to the top.

The Matrix top was awesome. Loose and comfortable, it wicked away my sweat (for training it also has a handy side zip pocket for keys, phones, ID, etc).

The jeans were equally comfortable. I’m sure had I worn the slim fitting jeans I would have had a stuffy last few flights, but the straighter cut of the Levi’s 504 with the stretch meant that I was completely comfortable.

Moral of the story? Go to Mark’s and buy a pair of performance denim jeans, and then always take the stairs.

This post is sponsored by Mark’s

Matrix is Mark’s very first Activewear line for men. Matrix has a variety of pieces from t-shirts, to popovers that can be worn to the gym, at the gym, and anytime you’re active or want some extra comfort. Most Matrix pieces are moisture wicking and have antimicrobial fabric.

Mark's Matrix

Almost all of Mark’s jeans feature performance stretch denim, allowing you to do just about anything in your jeans with maximum comfort. For years, women have received stretch in their jeans, and now men finally get to experience stretch denim.

Buy a pair.

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