Rolling Downhill at Beakerhead

Having kids lets you relive the magic of childhood. You see your kids running, laughing, and giggling and so you run, laugh, and giggle more.

You eat more ice cream, you play more tag, you ride more roller coasters, you act more silly.

It’s just part of the deal.

To amuse your kids, you act like a kid, and then when your kids respond positively, you join in the fun. No matter what you’re wearing.

That’s why I jump on the slip n slide – in my jeans.

It’s why, this weekend, after sitting and watching my boys roll down a huge new hill in Calgary’s St Patrick’s Island – I joined in.

We were headed out for dinner with some friends later that night, and I had my new jeans on ready for the evening, but that didn’t matter. I rolled. I got dizzy. Very dizzy.

When you’re a parent the “I’m too old for this” instinct wanes. It’s still there, but it’s efficiency is diminished. You’re having so much fun watching your kids and you jump in, you remember your youth, you want to relive and then .. you hurt.

I struggled to get up to my knees after half a dozen spins down the hill and had to stay there to catch my head, my stomach, and the rest of my 45 year old body that had spun off somewhere away from me.

“I’m too old for this,” I moaned too late.

It was that same feeling I had the last time I took Zacharie on a roller coaster. I’m one and done when it comes to the big rides, I know this, but seem to always forget it until after the fact. My kids, still with their youthful inoculation to spins, laugh and giggle and go up and down again and again.

I’m too old for this, and yet this silliness is the absolutely perfect thing for a parent to do. To join in, to laugh, and to feel young again for a second before age catches up and sits you back down.

I’m wearing Levi’s 504 jeans this weekend. I grabbed them from Mark’s as part of a campaign to show you can do #EverythingInJeans. After rolling down the hill, we continued our walk around Beakerhead, and then off to dinner with friends. From acting like a kid with my kids, to going out to dinner, I can do everything dads do, in jeans.

Check out Mark’s to find your fit. From now until Sept 21, Mark’s jeans are buy one get one at 50% off. You’ll also score bonus Scene Points towards a free movie. I’m guessing our next one will be Hotel Transylvannia 2. Because kids and #EverythingInJeans.

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