If Britney Spears Can Do This ..

[twitter]This post was originally written June 5, 2007 when Zacharie was 5 days old.

I feel like it’s 4am. All. The. Time.

I never knew. Parents around the world, I never knew. I had no real idea until this week, and this is only day 5.

I keep thinking “tonight is the night I get a good night’s sleep,” but no – this isn’t some 23 day Paris Hilton-style stint in the slammer – this is real life, an 18 year sentence to parenthood with the chance to have that extended if you screw up and raise a slacker.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE this little man to death, but I had no idea.

Mothers Day will bring on an entirely new meaning to me next year. Jennifer, my mom, my gramma – heck – all moms, are my heroes.

To get through the tough days I just keep thinking “If Britney Spears can do this, so can I.”

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