Whether you have a new born baby, children who are several years of age or are expecting, there are many ways you can go about redecorating a bedroom so that it is most suited for your kids.

Firstly, what about purchasing a new bed? If you have two or more children, a bunk bed is a great way to reduce space usage in the room and offer your kids a fun and enjoyable new fitting to their room. You should also consider buying new bed covers such as those of their favourite TV shows or movies. The same applies to pillow cases. If you only have one child or would not like to buy a bunk bed, you can still save on space with a bed by fitting one which has built-in storage units!

In terms of furniture, you may also want to buy new wardrobes or chest of drawers. You should consider what style, design and colour will best suit the bedroom.

On this topic, how about adding new layers of wallpaper or repainting the room? The best colors for a kids bedroom are generally those with light tones whether it be lavender, pale green, aqua, beige or sea blue.

What about adding stickers of your kids’ favourite TV shows, movies or video games? You could also simply add wallpaper which represents your children’s favorite content.

To bring out the colors of the walls as best as possible, you’ll need good lighting. The most important form of lighting for any room is general. Examples of general lighting are LED downlights and ceiling-mounted lights.

The two other forms of lighting are task (e.g. pendant lights and lamps) and accent (i.e. wall sconces).

You might also want to have smart lights added to the room which are brightness and colour adjusted. This way, they can be set to alter at different times of the day such as being able to darken during the evening so that it’s easier for your children to fall asleep!

How about new flooring? Carpet is probably the most appropriate for a kids’ bedroom, mainly because of its soft underfoot.

If you’d like to have a new carpet installed and wish to perform the work first, you’ll need to first consider how to lift laminate flooring or timber flooring or whichever type of floor you have currently so that the carpet can be laid down correctly.

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