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[twitter]I wasn’t the one to teach Zacharie to ride a bike and, this summer, I won’t be the one letting go of Charlie’s seat while he sails away on his own.

Many parents have the mental picture of running down the street holding on to the back of our kids’ bike and then letting go, watching them sail down the street in slow motion as they ride, for the first time, on their own without support.

Watching kids ride a bike for the first time is a bird leaving the nest sort of moment that is constantly depicted in commercials targeted at parents. Like this magical moment of a dad letting his kid ride a bike on a busy Indian street and then remembering the moment years later when his daughter wants to drive the car.

I’ve never had that moment.

I’ve had that dream, sure. But I’ve never had that moment where I run, let go, and my kids keep going. I mean, I tried. But it never took. We’d go to parks, and try it on grass, but the kids would give up. I would give up convincing them. We’d both cry and complain, and so I’d just leave the training wheels on.

That slow motion moment when Zacharie first learned to ride a bike happened with a camp counsellor on a grassy school field while I was at work. 2 summers ago I registered the boys in Pedalhealds and by the end of the first day, Zacharie was riding on his own. No thanks to dad.

This summer will be their 3rd run at it with Pedalheads and it is finally the time for Charlie to fly free. Last year he got the wheels off, but his camp was a wet and rainy week, so he didn’t get enough confidence. He grew out of his bike, and even though I tried to keep up the pace at home, I defaulted to the bigger bike with training wheels attached. The path of least resistance again.

So, this summer. While I’m at work, Charlie will learn to ride a bike. The slow motion freedom moment will again exist only in my imagination. But, at the end of the week, when Charlie is confident, and brimming with pride at his accomplishment, we will ride. We will ride trails, to the park, for ice cream. We will ride on weekends, after dinner, on camping trips.

We’ll just ride. And it won’t matter who taught him how to ride, because he’ll know how to do it.

Like this amazing kid says, “everybody, I know you can believe in yourself. You will get the hang of it. I know it!”

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