Here we go again.

Over the next couple of weeks get ready to see the news stories about how Halloween is getting banned.

2016 UPDATE: a town in NB bans trick-or-treating for anyone over the age of 15.
2017 UPDATE: a school in Winnipeg is replacing Halloween with “tie and scarf day.”
2017 UPDATE: Town in New Brunswick moves age limit to 16, keeps 8p curfew and $200 fine on Halloween.
2018 UPDATE: Virginia town’s law says trick-or-treaters must be under 12 or be subject to arrest
2020 UPDATE: Well, it’s COVID-19 year, there’s a pass to much cancelling

By schools. By communities. By parents. Some will want to ban Halloween because they label it as unsafe, others will say it needs to be pushed aside in the name of religious respect.

A pinterest-y piece about the new Trunk or Treat trend moved through my feed this week. Yes, people are actually gathering in parking lots, with trunks open, for kids to gather candy. They do it in the afternoon, and some of them really go over the top.

Trunk or Treat is ridiculous

What the what?

My biggest problem with Trunk or Treat in 2020 is that it was organized as a group get together thing. In other words, the EXACT OPPOSITE of what we should be doing during COVID times. Gathering in groups between cars tightly packed in a parking lot is very different than wandering door-to-door where it’s easy to keep distance. Trunk or treat is a terrible Halloween trend that is gathering steam. We need to stop it.

Shut Down The Haters

Then you have the ridiculous editorial that was published in my paper last year where a columnist called for us “to do away with the whole obnoxious concept.”

“I don’t want to be bothered with it, but the incessantly ringing doorbell and annoying shouts of “trick-or-treat” from children I never see in the neighbourhood the rest of the year and don’t even know, force me to be bothered with it,” whines Naomi Lakritz.

We should note this lady once decried walkable communities because “pickles are heavy,” so her opinion is easily dismissed. Still, this kind of thinking is spreading, and it is all kinds of wrong.  For so many reasons, Halloween is a simple, great treasure.

No, Halloween Is Not Religious

jack walking

Yes, Halloween is rooted in ancient Gaelic and Christian beliefs, but all notions of religion have been stripped from the celebration. Do you know anyone who celebrates Hallowmas? Having these non-denominational holidays actually makes our society more inclusive. Not all of us do Hannukah. Not all of us fast for Ramadan. But everyone can have Halloween and it can be a common thread from mosque to church to temple to playground.

You’ll Get To Know The Neighbours


Whatever you do, DON’T go to the stores. Malls have tried to co-op Halloween as a way to avoid the cold, the wet, and the DANGER. Honestly, if your neighbors and your neighborhood is so terrible, you need to move. If you are too afraid to go door to door with your kids on Halloween, you are not in a good place. So take the kids out, and get to know the faces of the people in your neighborhood!

Yes, Halloween Is Safe


Don’t give me the line about pedophiles and people handing out bad candy. Over the past 50+ years there have been zero cases of poison candy reported in the US. Zero.

SEE ALSO: Dear Teens Who Want To Go Trick Or Treating (there are ground rules, but no age limits)

Costumes Are Creative Gateways To Fun


It breaks down the barriers, offers something to talk about, and generally loosens people up. Put on a costume and you’re more likely to have fun, try it.

Candy Isn’t Just For Kids, You Know


All that poisoned candy stuff is nothing but hocus pocus. Read snopes. Check the urban legends. It just doesn’t happen. Prove it to your kids by taking them out. By all means sort through their candy at the end of the night, but pick out your favorites to stash for later. “Oh, honey … you won’t like this one.” 😉

SEE ALSO: Wine and Halloween Candy Pairings (yes, Twizzlers go well with champagne)

It Wears Them Out


A night of excitement always makes for an easier bedtime routine and that’s fine by me. I know that I’ve done a great job with my kids when they crash.

Don’t Be A Party Pooper


Read that Naomi Lakrtiz piece again. Even she admits to being a wet noodle.“Yes, I’m beginning to sound like I’m part of the demographic that growls, “You kids stay off my lawn!” But it’s my age cohort’s turn to be curmudgeonly,” she adds. It’s a terrible attitude to have.

Lighten up!

Let me ask you to share this with everyone you know.

Vow not to go to a mall. Vow not to crack open the trunk. Vow to turn on your porch light, put on a silly mask, and get to know your neighbours. Halloween builds community and makes our neighbourhoods healthy and friendly. Let’s work together to


Please pass this article along with the hashtag #SaveHalloween.

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