I Forgot I Had A Second Son

I am a father of 2. I have to constantly remind myself of this.

Zacharie is closing in on 3, Charles was born in January. You can imagine the level of interaction the two of them can provide is vastly different.

Zacharie is eager to race, read, play road hockey and chat up a storm. Charles sits in his bouncy chair and screams.

We recently moved and for a few weeks my wife was left alone in the old home while I set up the new one. I called one night to chat with her, and then asked how Zacharie was doing. She told a story and then said “and Charlie’s sleeping well now, too.”

I stopped cold.

I’d totally forgotten I had a second son. Had completely and utterly forgotten.

You often hear stories about how parents have favourite children, but I always thought I could love both my children equally.

I guess for that to happen, I’ll have to actually remember they both exist.


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