I Forgot How To Play ‘Go Fish’

go fish for kids
Do You Have Any Fours?

[twitter]Screen Free Week continues around our house, and while I may have grabbed my phone once or twice, it’s actually much easier for the kids than it is on the parents. My wife really misses Victor Newman, I miss the 6 o’clock news, the kids aren’t missing anything.

We’ve played tag, soccer, and chased bubbles in the backyard, we’ve had geocaching adventures, and we’ve played cards. Lots of cards.

Cards are a great game for kids. It teaches them numbers, math, strategy, patterns, and they fit perfectly into our theme of Screen Free Week.

My 5 year old has loved playing Go Fish! (or Goldfish as he likes to call it). And here’s the thing: I had forgotten how to play. Utterly, and totally, had forgotten how to play Go Fish. And Crazy Eights. And Old Maid.

After the jump, a list of more than 8 Card Games you can play with your kids (and the rules in case you forgot how to play too).

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