[twitter]Now I get it.

I get what playing favourites with your kids is all about. Last fall I confessed to having a favourite child and the internet bore its wrath upon me.

While I may have had a child I enjoyed playing with more than the other, both of my boys would never say I ‘loved’ the other more or less.

Today, my eldest showed me how kids understand when you play favourites.

Zacharie has been talking back to our nanny (M) lately. She’s concerned about it, as are we. We’ve expressed that when we are not home, the nanny is the boss. I’ve asked the nanny to be stern in her direction of the boys, realizing that a rather lax approach is what resulted in our son hanging himself under our first nanny’s care.

Still, whenever she asks Zacharie to do something, he resists and talks back.

“Once I was riding my bike and I fell and M doesn’t even care about the bruise. She loves Charlie more. Even when Charlie hits me, she always yells at me and cozies Charlie,” he said tonight when I asked about his day and relationship with M.

It’s true.


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