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I’ve been wearing clip-on ties for nearly 40 yrs. Okay, most of that was when I was younger, but still .. I’m a guy, I know how to tie ties, wear ties, and that includes clip-on ties.

Except I didn’t.

Charlie and Zacharie go to a private school that has formal uniform days for when they have field trips, assemblies, and special visitors. With Remembrance Day coming up, the boys have been in formal a lot. Our routine has Jen getting them ready in the morning, and me picking them up from school in the afternoon.

Yesterday, when I was helping Charlie get out of his formal uniform, I noticed his clip-on tie wasn’t hooked over his collar. Jen had hooked it through the button hole. I had never done it like this. I always clipped it over the collar, and it always bugged my neck, just as the boys complain that it hurts.

That’s just the way it is, I thought. Except it isn’t.

By hooking the clip-on tie through the button hole, it sits lower in the collar, and actually looks more like a “real” tie. The clasp is down lower on their neck and sits more in the crux of their shoulders, than up against their throat.

It’s genius, I tell you. The perfect parent hack for people dressing up kids for weddings, church, or formal uniforms. The proper way to wear a clip-on tie is through the button hole, NOT over the collar.

Check out the video for proof:

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