I have 2 boys in French Immersion. I’m struggling. While I took a lot of French in school, I don’t use it a lot.

Now that Zacharie is in Grade 3, and rambling en français tourjours avec son frère, I’m realizing my level of French is about that of Grade 3.

So I need to practice. And my kids need to practice. So bring on Netflix in French.

As I was flipping through the Netflix catalog this week, I saw Inside Out show up with the French title screen.

Inside Out in French is Sens Dessus Dessous

Sens Dessus Dessous! Perfect! When I clicked on the title, it started playing in English, so I flipped the languages and boom .. une filme en français.

Netflix offers French subtitles and/or dubbing on many of its shows, all you need to do is switch the audio settings on your account.

Select “Canadian French” et voilà! 

How To Watch Netflix in French

Each method of selection is different, depending on the device you use to watch Netflix. On the Apple TV you hold the center button once the show starts to select language. On Apple TV 4, you swipe down once the show starts to select. (If you can’t figure it out, call Netflix at 1-877-742-1335 and they’ll help you through it in seconds!)

We used to do this with the kids and DVDs when they were younger, flipping the language setting to French just because. Now we can do it on Netflix!

Here are some other popular Netflix titles you can grab en français pour vos enfants that have either dubbing or subtitles.


Dinotrux en Francais Netflix

Project Mc2

Project MC2 in French - Netflix

Ever After High

Ever After High en francais - Netflix


Zoboomafoo in French on Netflix

The Adventures of Puss in Boots

Puss N Boots French - Netflix

The Magic School Bus

magic school bus

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!

cat in hat

All Hail King Julien

king julien

That’s just some of the titles you can find on Netflix in French. Once you know how to make the switch back and forth, searching out titles is easy. Bonne chance!

Disclosure: I’m a member of the Netflix Stream Team.

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