[twitter]Honestly? I don’t *really* mind being on hold. I can put the phone on speaker, I can have it sitting beside me while I watch tv, scroll through my computer, or sit on the back deck.

It’s not the hold that’s the problem, it’s what they play when you’re on hold. Over animated voiceovers ensuring we are appreciated. Looping elevator music that is too loud only to be interrupted every 30 seconds by animated voiceovers reminding us that we are appreciated.

Airlines are the worst, and as you’re out getting things lined up for summer vacations, or planning ahead for fall and winter vacations (yes, I’m organizing our February 2016 trip to Florida already), the eternal headache of being on hold is a first world problem that is easily fixable.

Here’s how to campaign to fix it.

#HoldNoMore is a movement raising attention around consumers’ rights and respect for our time.

To kick off the movement #HoldNoMore has launched a ‘Hold Face’ march to demand that companies provide alternatives to this outdated practice– either stop putting us on hold, or provide another solution.

Upload a selfie with the hashtag #HoldNoMore to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the creative message.


We did it in Canada with the no call list and the spam. Now let’s tackle the on hold and #HoldNoMore!!

The Frustrating Facts

48% believe the customer service representatives who answer the phone calls are not helpful

85% of consumers are put on hold [TalkTo]

67% hang up – that’s 67% of consumers being unanswered, alone, and frustrated [ConsumerReport]

71% of people are tremendously annoyed when they can’t get a live customer service agent (source)

It’s estimated that bad customer service calls like this costs Americans $108 billion a year



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