So, do you want to give your bathroom a brand new look without denting your pocket? There is no doubt that the bathroom renovation is very expensive. However, there are simple things that you can do to save money without compromising its overall quality and appearance. Below are tips on how to save money when renovating your bathroom.

1. Limit the number of tiles that you install

Bathroom tiles are quite expensive and if you decide to install them in all parts of the bathroom, then you will incur a huge cost. To save your money without compromise the overall look and quality of your bathroom, you can limit the amount of time by only installing them on high impact areas like the floor instead of installing them in all parts of the bathroom including the side walls. Paint the rest.

2. Do some tasks yourself

You don’t have to hire people to do all bathroom renovation tasks. Some task as simple and you can do it all by yourself. Some simple task that you take on include painting, grouting, fixing bathroom cabinet to the wall among many others. There is always something that you do by yourself to save cost. The fewer workers you have; the more money you will save.

3. Buy used

Not all used bathroom fixtures look bad. There are some that are very unique and attractive. Fitting your new bathroom with high quality but used fixtures help to lower your bathroom renovation cost but still ensure that your bathroom looks good and attractive. A few examples of used fixtures that you can install in your new bathroom include doors, mirrors, tubs, toilets, and sinks. However, you need to ensure that you only choose a high-quality used bathroom fixtures.

4. Paint the bathroom

If you are on a tight budget but you want to give your bathroom a brand new look, then painting will not disappoint you. Painting has a way of making a place look new and your bathroom is not an exception. Paint your bathroom with high-quality paint that is moisture resistant to give it a brand new look.

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