Back to school and back to work season comes with a massive list of wants.

As my oldest hits Grade 8 this year, the demands for tech in the classroom are increasing. We buckled last year and got him his own iPhone with the best data plan for kids I’ve ever found. And this year, it’s time for him to take a computer to school to use each day in class.

Having easy access to tech is even more important in these COVID times as homeschooling, remote learning, or physically distanced classrooms force the hands of teachers to resort to technology to make things easier.

So whether your kids need an iPhone or a Macbook, here are the best ways to save money on Back To School Apple tech:

Hand Me Downs

They work for clothes when you’ve got more than one kid, they work when you’ve got cousins or friends, they work when you’ve got thrift stores and Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji.

Hand me downs also work for tech.

Right from the beginning, my wife and I have handed down our old iPhones to the boys to mess around with for apps or to use as iPods – heck, Charlie even recently dug out an old iPod Nano and we hacked a way to sync some music for him to listen to on the way to school.

The needs of the kids outweighs the needs of the parents when it comes to tech and working from home, so when I upgraded to an iPhone 11 Pro Max this year, I tossed and old iPhone 8 down to Charlie.

Apple Refurbished Store

As back to school season hits us, I’ve just refreshed my 2015 era Macbook Air for Zacharie to use while I pound away on a fancy 2020 edition Macbook Pro that I bought in the Apple Refurb Store.

Yes, while the hand-me-downs are good for the kids, I still keep my eyes out for deals in the Apple Refurb Store because it’s usually an instant 15% savings off full price and it still comes with great Apple support and guarantees.

The moral of the story is simple: pass it down to the kids. Give the device a complete scrub and refresh of memory, sync it to your Family Sharing plan for iCloud and Apple Music, and then let them bang away on some tech that is more powerful than what NASA engineers used to send astronauts to the moon.

Hand me downs just aren’t for corduroy anymore.

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