LEGO Store at Chinook CentreThe Free LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build at Chinook Centre used to have line-ups. Long line ups. The homeschoolers and moms with young kids would be there at 2 or 3 for an event that didn’t start until 5.

Knowing this, one time I arrived at 2:30 to sit in line for the Free LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build at Chinook Centre and I was a couple of dozen back in the line. Those ahead had brought homework sheets, picnic blankets, and snacks. They were prepped to camp on the floor of the mall for 3 hours. They were hardcore.

It soured me on the whole Free LEGO Mini Build experience. The lines were too long, too early. It was too much to wait for over 2 hours as the line would wind and weave itself around the upper level of Chinook Centre with curious passers by wondering what Belieberful Magic was inside the LEGO Store. No, it’s just a free LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build – that’s all.

Because FREE!! Right?

On the first Tuesday of each month, LEGO Stores offer their Monthly Mini Model Build and people love it – so much so that they’ve changed the way it works. Gone are the long lines, and longer waits. Now you can REGISTER ONLINE for the Free LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build at Chinook Mall (and other LEGO Stores near you).

Here’s how it works:

On the 15th of the month prior to the first Tuesday, online registration opens at 9a EST. (ie registration is Jan 15 for the February event, Feb 15 for the March event, etc)

You need to be a LEGO VIP to register, and this confirmation can take some time, so try and get that registration done ahead of time. Once you login, just choose your 10 minute window for your kids to build.

The Free LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build is only for kids 6 and over. Fill out the names and ages of the children who will be attending, as well as the name of the chaperone.

FREE LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build

Show up at your chosen time and wait for a spot at the table for the LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build while your kids tear around the store screaming “I WANT THIS ONE TOO!!!”

We timed our January visit well, it was Charlie’s birthday and he was excited to build the polar bear along with his brother.

Polar Beat LEGO Mini Build

Next month’s Free LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build at Chinook Mall will be a snowmobile, and we’ll be ready to register on the 15th.

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