There are few more relaxing things than lying on a beach with a cold beverage and your significant other next to you. Just picture it: white sand stretching out for miles, crystal clear waves lapping against the shore, seashells glinting in the sunlight, and no other soul in sight for miles – being beside the beach is one of the best things for promoting relaxation.

However, no one quite appreciates the tranquillity of the seaside like the parents of young children, especially when those children are nowhere to be seen. For many parents, the idea of a kid-free holiday remains precisely that, with many being met with backlash from judgemental parent-shamers on social media whenever the idea of a child-free trip is broached.

We’re here to say ignore them and book that child-free trip to Las Vegas. You work hard to take care of your children, and you deserve a little break here and there. Your children will survive without you for a few days, and we’re sure you’ll be better for it when you touchdown in your hometown again! But how could you possibly plan and enjoy your trip without your precious little ones?

The answer is; easily! But to guide you until you touch down in Nevada, Las Vegas, we’ve created this article outlining several planning and enjoyment tips for your child-free trip with your significant other (or by your lonesome!). Including everything from keeping the trip short so your kids can adjust and allowing yourself to relax – keep reading to find out more.

Don’t Disappear For Too Long

If this is your first time leaving your children with your family, close friends, partner etc., while you go abroad, the chances are that it’s not just you feeling nervous but your children and their temporary caregivers as well! Due to this, you must not disappear for too long (however severely you might want to!), as you’ll want to test the waters before committing to a more extended trip.

The last thing you want is to book a two-week all-inclusive to Australia, find out your child suffers from separation anxiety and must book an emergency flight back. Instead, you’ll need to take baby steps to build the foundations of trust between you and your child so that they feel confident in being away from home (and you!).

Fortunately, there are various ways to condition your child from being away from home (and you) from spending the whole day at a friend’s house, staying one night at a relative’s house, hosting their first sleepover with a friend at your house, and much more. Doing so will increase confidence in your child, their temporary carers, and yourself, meaning you can gradually go on longer trips without rocking in the corner with worry.

Allow Yourself To Relax

One of the most significant reasons you’re taking a child-free holiday is so that you and your significant other can spend quality time together, create new memories, and – most importantly – relax. However, the latter can only happen if you leave all your worries at the airport, let go of everyday stresses, and have fun!

We understand that this might be easier said than done, as for many parents leaving their child (or children) behind for the first time can be an incredibly stressful and scary experience. So, you might be thinking to yourself, relax? How can you expect me to relax? However, you must rest assured that your children are in safe hands with the caregiver you’ve chosen for them and that if there are any problems, no matter how minor, you’re always reachable by phone, email, etc.

Besides, the last way you want to remember your holiday to Las Vegas – one of the most sought-after holiday destinations in the world – is the image of you white-faced, gnawing at your nailbeds, while checking your phone religiously for any sign of activity. Instead, place faith in your friends and family members, put your phone away (but not on silent!) and get out and explore the City of Sin.

You might wonder where to start with various activities while in Las Vegas. Will you watch one of Vegas’ world-famous shows, take a tour of the grand canyon, sunbathe in a luxe resort, or check out one of Vegas’ sixty significant casinos? If you ask us, you can’t go to Vegas without dabbling in the last activity, and what is a better time to indulge when you’re on a child-free trip?

We’re sure that you and your significant other will create unforgettable memories. But what if you’re not a seasoned gambler? If you’d like to practice before trying the real thing, you could consider using online casino sites like Jackpot Casino to learn the ropes before heading to Vegas. Consider visiting their website to browse their entire selection of games, read how-to guides, and much more, and see how their site can help you get Vegas-ready.

Look Forward To The Rewards

Although it might sound strange to look forward to the end of your holiday, as the time draws nearer to touching down in your hometown again, we’re sure that you’ll be counting down the days until you’re back with your little ones again. As many parents will attest, those who have reported leaving their children behind while they’ve gone on an overseas business trip, holiday, etc., say there is nothing more rewarding than being reunited with your children after time apart.

It’s an excellent way to remind yourself not to take your time together for granted, no matter how short it might be or what you might be doing. However, it would be best if you never thought less of yourself for leaving your kids behind while you and your significant other spend time alone. Since this is what allows you both to recharge, engage with each other, and then return in a much better frame of mind, which makes you a better parent to your kids.

Once you’re back, you can then enjoy telling your children about the trip, showing photos/videos, giving them any souvenirs, you might have brought back for them, and in turn, you can hear about what they’ve got up to while you’ve been exploring the City of Sin (except maybe leave that part out until they’re older!). Doing so will make you appreciate your role as a parent much more.

Don’t Check-In Constantly

When it’s your first child-free trip, you will likely have the urge to check in with your child every minute of the day to reassure yourself that they’re okay. However, it is essential that you limit your check-ins; otherwise, it might cause your child (or their allocated caregiver) to doubt the trust that you’ve placed in them while you’re away.

Instead, limit your check-ins to specific moments, like when you’re about to board/land etc., because although it might ease your mind, the constant check-ins might not be doing your child any justice and rather than acting as a form of comfort, it might serve as a reminder that you’re not there.

Place trust in your child and their allocated caregiver. Ensure you leave them with the relevant information to contact you and outline a schedule with their babysitter about how it should be used and when (if there’s a significant time difference). If they need you, you’ll find that they’ll more than likely reach out to you and not the other way round, so don’t stress and enjoy your trip.

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