I can’t believe I just discovered how to make dinosaur tracks in the snow.

After 5 years of walking the boys home from school virtually every day of the year (I give up when it gets below -20), I had never seen this easy trick until we came upon a mother and her young son on the pathway this week.

She was hopping in her boots, making a V shape and then stomping one foot in the middle. They were a perfect 3-toed T-Rex footprint.

Zacharie and Charlie thought they were awesome and immediately started making their own. And then Zacharie wanted to do another episode of his YouTube program, The Zacharie Show.

So making the dinosaur tracks in the snow is easy:

Just put your feet together in a V, place one stomp in the middle, and then carefully hop to the side.

Keep repeating and spacing out the dinosaur tracks to make it look like a T-Rex or Velociraptor has been stomping through the neighbourhood!

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