How To Build A Submarine

empty freezer box submarine[twitter]I bought my wife a chest freezer for Christmas.

Now before you get all Judge Judy, remember, I’m the guy that says it’s okay to get your wife a vacuum for Mother’s Day, so this was par for the course. I thought I was doing well with it, I really did. She had talked about wanting one, and so I showed I was listening and had it for her on Christmas morning.

Unfortunately, she was also talking about getting some Tory Burch sunglasses. Apparently that was the wish I was supposed to be listening to. No matter, I stand by the chest freezer as the greatest gift that found it’s way under the tree on Christmas morning because of it’s ability to give and give and give.

You see, when you get a 7 cubic foot chest freezer, it comes in a very large box. A box big enough for a 5 year old and a 3 year old to hide in. The freezer is in our garage, filled with all the meat I could buy on sale. The empty box went to the playroom, and today it became a submarine.

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