How To Handle Kids and Christmas Lists

[twitter]The commercials are on the tube. The decorations are in the mall. The flyers are in the paper. It’s impossible for your Santa friendly kids to NOT know that the season of giving is upon us.

“Dad, I want the Transformer Rescue Super Hero!”

“Dad, I want the Batman flying car!”

It seems “Dad, I want .. Dad, I want .. Dad, I want..” is all we will here for the next 7 weeks.

So here’s how we handle the neverending wish list: we “email photos to Santa.”

This weekend we took our son to the mall and let him go nuts. We took pictures of all the things he wanted so that we could email the photos to Santa. In truth, it’s a saved reminder on our iPhone of the things he wants and they’re also easy to email to Nana and Grandpapa to show exactly what he wants.

BUT .. it’s not all about what he wants. We use the time to ask him what other people would want too. He picks out gloves that Santa should get for Mama. A book Santa should get for Daddy. A play doh set Santa should get for his big brother. And then we ask him about the girls and boys who don’t have a lot of toys. What would they want? And he goes through the stores picking out things for other people.

Everything is accounted for on our phone for later research on who will have the best price and when “Santa” should do his shopping. It’s one crazy day where we get the “list” out of the way so the “I want, I want, I want” disappears for the rest of the season.

How do you handle the holiday shopping season with your kids?

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  1. ashley December 6, 2011 at 3:56 pm

    That is a really good idea! I started sitting down with my 4 year old and my 2 year old and the laptop and we make wish lits on amazon or toysrus but each time we go to the store they see things they want to add. I think this way would be alot better for us as they’re in the store and can see everything not just what I can pull up on amazon with some rough general browsing.

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