How To Entertain Kids On Roadtrips

Nearly 2/3 of Moms agree, the best part of a summer vacation is getting to spend time together as a family. The problem is, the stress this time together inherently brings.

As you plan your road trips for the summer, make sure you can get there in less than half an hour.

GPS manufacturer TomTom commissioned a survey and found that kids get bored after about 30 minutes sitting in the car. Despite that short fuse, many of us will still plan for trips that last closer to 5 hours when we hit the road this summer.

The survey also discovered something you probably already knew, being stuck in a car with kids for a few hours on the way to a campground, amusement park, tourist destination, or grandma’s is more stressful than work.

It’s so bad, 1/4 of parents will lie when the inevitable “Are we there yet?” comes from the back seat. Perhaps it’s this frustration and propensity to lie that has many parents bucking up for the worst invention ever – minivan DVD players.

Those are not the answer, my puzzled parent pals, here’s a list of things you can grab to keep the kids entertained on the long summer road trips ahead:

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