In 100 years, or 30, or whenever our kitchen is next renovated, the owners are going to have a fun surprise. In the spirit of finding newspapers, or playing cards in the slats of old houses, my boys  and I built a time capsule to hide in our kitchen.

We have been wanting to renovate our kitchen for years. We weren’t fans of the dark counter, the honey cupboards, and felt there was so much wasted space in the room.

So for years we have plotted out our changes. The new kitchen would be white, the counter would be bright, and we’d do little things like extend a buffet out along a wall, and extend our island into one big space.

In the process of levelling out our island, we discovered it was hollow. The boys and I were standing around it one night and we got the idea to drop in an unused tin with some random things from 2018 that might be interesting to someone in 2048 or 2118 or whenever.

We gathered up a fidget spinner, a Pokemon card, a toy car, some photos of the boys, and then we all wrote a letter.

The boys explained the items that we chose and why we chose them, while I wrote a note about the area, why we bought the house, and what family life is like in 2018.

Then I also included the boys’ Twitter account handles (do you think Twitter will be a thing in 30 or 50 or 100 years?) as well as my email address (hey, could I be a thing in 30 or 50 or 100 years?). Zacharie dropped the tin in the hole, we had it sealed up and now … we wait.

We’ll see how it all plays out. Right now we just feel like we have dropped a message in a bottle and sent it out to see. Whether or not someone discovers our little time capsule, only the future knows.

Have you dropped time capsules in your house during renovations? Did you find any old artifacts when you fixed up your space? Let me know!!


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