How To Be An Extreme Cheapskate At Halloween

[twitter]Extreme Cheapskates is a pretty wild tv show. I mean who tries to save money by avoiding toilet paper and using cloths instead? Really? What about asking people at restaurants if you can have their leftovers?

I’m all for saving money, but that’s stuff is just a little too extreme for me. That said, there is a way you can implement some Extreme Cheapskating tactics when it comes to Halloween.

If you bought your candy too early, and couldn’t keep your own hands out of the stash, tor you just don’t like buying candy to feed everyone else’s kids, there’s a way to be an extreme cheapskate for Halloween.

Here’s how you can have the neighbours stock your candy cupboard:

When our son was 2 and 3, he wouldn’t go out trick-or-treating for very long, and he wouldn’t eat the stuff he brought home (my kid doesn’t like candy, go figure). So we took his Halloween haul and immediately dumped it in the bucket by our door.

You could even be more hardcore by just sending the kids out early, have them do a good 30 minute route near your home and then dump off their stuff. That initial take goes into your bowl by the door to drop off to the trick-or-treaters that come and visit.

After your kids have filled your bucket, you send them back out for their loot. Win/win and the neighbours end up paying for your candy. 🙂

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