I have a settled into a style. Black dress shirt (or tshirt) and jeans.

It’s simple, it looks put together, and it takes the confusion out of getting dressed each morning (I’m a morning radio host and when that alarm goes off at 4:05am, I can’t futz in the closet to pick out an outfit).

So each day it’s pretty much the same thing: a Denver Hayes Never Iron Classic Fit shirt from Mark’s (usually black, sometimes grey) and Levi’s 504 or 541 from Mark’s.

I wear that to work. I wear that on weekends (sometimes mixing in a tee instead of a dress shirt).  And, when pressed to emcee a fancy event, I’ll throw on a nice suit jacket, swap the black shirt for a white one (keep the jeans) and I’m good to go.

While the outfit is the same upstairs, I change my look regularly downstairs. While my fashion style is simple and easy to put together, my shoes change up regularly to bring my look up – or down.

Headed to work early in the morning? 

timberland shoes from marks

Jeans, shirt, Timberland Graydon shoes

Walking to pick up the boys after school?

Jeans, shirt, Far West Back Forty boots

Having a date night with my wife?

Jeans, shirt, Denver Hayes Boston shoes

Emceeing something for my favourite charity, Diabetes Canada?

Jeans, shirt, Denver Hayes Chelsea Markham boots  (and a jacket)

Running errands on the weekends?

Jeans, tshirt, Skechers.

But despite all the effort to maintain a wardrobe routine that is simple, I still keep my Dad style close at heart. Every now and again I might, just might, toss on socks and sandals – because it’s comfortable.

marks far west back forty


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marks canada shoes

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