zacharie drinking water at the movies

[twitter]We went to the movies this weekend, and I went to the counter and ordered my son the usual: a kid’s popcorn combo pack that also comes with a soft drink, but my kid gets the softest of drinks – water.

At nearly 6 years old, my oldest has never had soda and we’re keeping it that way as long as possible. When it comes to beverages, he has milk often, juice sometimes, and water always.

We just hired a new nanny to come and work with the family and she noted on day 2: “I’m so glad you don’t give your kids pop,” she said. “My friend’s 4 year old just had to have dental surgery because of all the soda they drink.” My wife and I were floored. It brought us back to a bbq we went to a few summers ago where 3 yr olds were walking around with full cans of Coke Classic. Seriously.

Yes, I’m the Dad that humblebrags about not taking his kids to McDonalds, and while I get why some of you can trot out the “I’m in a rush,” or “sometimes it’s okay” excuses, I can’t find one where pop wins over water, milk, or juice. If pop is available, so is water. You have to make the choice to give it to your kids and, like a drug dealer, once you give them those first few hits of delicious sugar, you’ll have a customer for life.

So, before you crack a can of cola for your kids at dinner, or order them a fast food meal with something other than water, milk, or juice, Rethink Your Drink.

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  1. Jenn March 26, 2013 at 8:41 am

    Pop is a special occasion thing for our kids. They maybe have it once a month. The movies would be a good example of a special occasion. Do they love it? Absolutely, but they don’t drink it often. But we don’t have pop in the house. I also drink pop once a month, on a special occasion.


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