2nd annual IKEA FAMILY Drawing Competition: Kids Designing for a Good Cause

[twitter]Children are children are children. No matter their country or culture, kids are kids are kids.

They’re curious. They’re eccentric. They believe in the impossible. Their imaginations know no limits.

Want proof?

See how Ikea has harnessed the creativity of kids with their IKEA FAMILY Drawing Competition. The idea was simple: get kids to draw what they would like to see as a stuffed animal. Ikea would then pick a bunch and sew them up to sell in stores. It’s called Kids Designing For A Good Cause and it embraces the creativity of kids and their love of empathy and charity in one deep breath.


And no matter their culture or background -from the Netherlands, to the UK, to Norway, to Spain – the amazing designs from the brains of these little creatures we’ve created will look very familiar to you.

Kids are kids are kids, no matter where they’re from, and they are pure untapped genius.

Check it out:

The deadline for the next competition is November 30. You need to go to an Ikea store to get an entry form to be submitted before the deadline.

I showed the video above to Charlie and Zacharie this week and they giggled in excitement at the things the kids had created and eagerly ran to paper to scribble out ideas they would like made.

I’ve long sung the praises of my Charlie and his art. I just love it so much. I could watch him draw all day, from chalk on the driveway

Charlie drawing on the driveway
Always smiling with a crayon in his hand – Charlie ’15

to doodles on placemats at restaurants.

This week he wrapped up another round of art classes at a community centre, and I’m just amazed at what happens when a kid has their natural, boundless free-association focused just a bit.

Charlie learned perspective, colour, depth, and other basic art concepts.

Charlie's Robot
A robot – Charlie ’15

His drawings are as wacky as ever, but now they’re telling a story. They’re built with purpose. And they’re fantastic.

Charlie Grumpy Cat with a crown
Grumpy Cat with a crown – Charlie ’15

After being inspired by my pal, Bill Peebles, I’m going to be getting some of his doodles printed on tshirts for us for Christmas.

And we’re going to enter in the Ikea contest. Got wacky doodle loving kids? You should too.

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