Go back twenty years, and the idea of bingo was something that most people laughed at. Seen as a game for those in retirement age, it was a wholesome form of betting and/or casino gaming that so many people just loved to take part in. It’s for that reason that so many of us simply choose to get involved when it comes to bingo. However, prior to the turn of the century, bingo was dying out – everywhere.

Bingo halls were closing en masse, especially across the United Kingdom. The money was out of the game, and the number of seniors who were getting into was in minimal contrast to decades previous. The heightening of other forms of entertainment, not least cable and satellite TV was killing bingo. Why leave the home when you could just snuggle up in front of the TV?

That is why the rise of mobile usage has, in a grand way, made bingo more popular than ever before. The rise of the internet played a role in that, though. With the internet, we started seeing the companies who could no longer afford to run bingo halls starting up bingo websites instead.

Having seen the success of early online casino gaming, many previous bingo halls traded in their facility for a hall. They would start working around the bingo area, trying out various bingo websites like trustedbingo, due to promotions. As more sites appeared, more promotions turned up. Competition bred competition, and many people far under the normal bingo age started playing.

It became common for groups of women, whether in their late teens or golden years, to enjoy a night in with the girls to play some bingo. Mobile usage, though, helped to change one thing about this thriving scene.

Putting the old band back together

Bingo sites began to notice a large upsurge in senior users once mobile apps and mobile internet became so prominent. Why? Because seniors aren’t likely to own a PC and sit around on it all day gaming and browsing the web. Easier to use and to control for seniors, though, mobile devices gave previously technologically limited seniors the chance to start really enjoying technology once again.

It helped to change everything, as it gave them the chance to get online that more technologically challenging tools like laptops and PCs never provided. Easy to work and to install with the use of the finger, mobile gaming and mobile internet usage changed bingo forever.

It brought together people who would normally never go to a bingo hall, and that helped to save the sport. But now that it was so easy to get online via a mobile device, many seniors started taking part in bingo as they worked or sat at home. It changed how they viewed the game; it was now something that they could take part in every single night!

Without the rise of mobile devices, bingo might still be in the midst of a rebirth. As it stands, it’s among the most popular forms of entertainment – for all ages – that you can find on a smartphone.


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