[twitter]This one has all the feels, gang. ALL OF THEM.

It’s parenting, it’s fatherhood, it’s perfect. Quaker Canada made one of those ‘viral’ ads that you just can’t help sharing with everyone you know, because it’s exactly what it’s like.

“As a parent, you find yourself doing crazy things for your kids. But we wouldn’t have it any other way,” the dad in the video says.

“They won’t be kids forever, which makes today that much more important.”

This is what it’s like to be a father, a mother, someone who has kids in their life they’re looking after.

You do the crazy things for your kids, because of course you do.

Zacharie and I flipped through the fall activity guide for the rec centre and talked about taking a karate class together. It didn’t line up with swimming lessons and soccer already on the schedule, but in January? We’re doing it. After seeing this clip it’s not an “I hope we’ll do it,” we will do it.

How do you spend more time with your kids?

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