Once the babies arrive, life is never the same again. Sleepless nights, checking that your little ones are still breathing when they sleep through a feeding time, and trying to stay awake at work the next day. Months of this and most fathers have resorted to doing the basics and simply surviving this stage. However, this often comes with a tendency to become careless about what you wear, with style going out the window. Additionally, the way you dressed before you became a father was right for that stage of life but is no longer appropriate for a man who is making his way in the world and with sons of his own to pass on his knowledge and wisdom. Remember this: from the first moment your newborn child makes eye contact with you, his eyes will follow you relentlessly, and he will learn from what you do rather than what you say.

So, how can you up your style game and set the right example for your sons? We tell you everything you need to know in this guide.

Find a Great Role Model

Which famous father epitomizes style? This will differ from one guy to the next, but for many people, David Beckham, Collin Farrell, Ryan Gosling, and Matthew McConaughey are among the top examples of best-dressed fathers. Note how casual yet professional they appear.

Have Confidence

Can any man develop confidence in his appearance, presentation, and style? The truth is that any person can improve their confidence and learn to push against their boundaries and more timid inclinations. If you are honest with yourself, this is what you admire in a man. Here are some steps to take control of your confidence and become a man others look up to.

fashion sense of fathers

Wear Clothes that Fit Perfectly

A man with children is at an age where he will get invited to a lot of his friends’ weddings, be called on to deliver presentations at work, and attend more formal occasions. This means becoming familiar with wearing suits and learning how to get the perfect fit.

Visit a tailor to have a suit fitted. It is important that the jacket is not tight nor loose across the shoulders, that the arms reach to just above the shirt sleeves so that a small amount of the shirt sleeve is visible below the jacket arm, and that the suit pants reach just above the shoes. One good suit is essential but if you are at events frequently you will need several suits and a tuxedo. Choose shirts and ties that give expression to your personality or the occasion.

Learn how to wear your ties correctly. You need to be able to perform the Full Windsor and the Half Windsor and to tie a necktie.

Be Self-Sufficient

When it comes to grooming and dressing, a man needs to be able to handle the full process from start to finish. Unfortunately, many parents fall short of teaching their sons how to use an iron to get the wrinkles out of a shirt. An added boon to having such skills is the admiration women have for men who are always capable and independent.

Develop Your Own Style!

Although it is extremely useful to study how other men achieve the look you are aiming for, it is equally important that you develop your own trademark style that can be dressed up or down for smart or casual functions. Avoid copying a famous artist, singer, or movie star. Your whole look must come together and speak of the influences that have mattered to you. For example, the Amiri label melds punk and grunge subcultures. If these subcultures played a role in the formation of your identity, you can stay on trend with Amiri, distributed by SSENSE.

On the other hand, you may have been influenced by a metal or rock and roll culture and will want to express this in your personal style.

Stock Plenty of the Basics

Stars such as David Beckham usually have staples in their wardrobes, like black and white tees, a preferred style of jean, tailored khaki pants, bomber jackets, and matching head and footwear. This is in addition to several formal suits and a tuxedo. They will stock up on several different colored shirts and patterned ties.

Shaving Correctly

Every father has been taught how to shave as a boy and will pass this manly skill onto his sons. However, there are still men who lacked a father figure in their childhood and never learned this skill. If so, teach yourself to shave correctly so that when your son is old enough to learn, you have mastered it.


Before you leave home, check your appearance thoroughly from top to toe. Are your teeth clean and your mouth fresh? Always remember to brush your tongue along with your teeth.

Check that your hair and moustache are groomed. Shoes must be polished and blemish-free. Do your clothes fit you elegantly without hanging on you too loosely or bulging tightly over your middle?

While it takes time to build your wardrobe, you can do it a few pieces at a time by knowing the style you are aiming for.

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