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[twitter]The project was much bigger in my mind’s eye.

When we went camping last weekend, I packed a long boxes of bright orange track with the idea of building a Hot Wheels track in Dinosaur Provincial Park. The towering hoodoos and dusty sandstone would tower over the setup like Monument National Park in Arizona acting as a Route 66 drag strip.

That was the idea anyway.

Playing with Hot Wheels while camping - DadCAMP

The weather was terrible when we were camping. Intermittent showers made hiking into the badlands slick and muddy. The campsite itself was covered in puddles. Hot Wheels is an ‘inside toy’ and I didn’t want to get too wild with the sets and end up with the cars bogged down with grit and sand their first time down the track.  So we kept it simple.

Playing with Hot Wheels while camping - DadCAMP

We used the 5 Lane Tower  as part of the Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge, firing one of the cars into the Quick Kick Loop.

It’s a good thing I went simple. After plotting out our track and running loops for half an hour, I turned and looked behind me to see a huge foreboding cloud pounding its way south.

“Pick up the track!” I directed the boys, and we ripped everything apart as quickly as we had put it together. We closed the trunk and scurried in to our tent just in time to watch another downpour cruise by.

I guess I should have put out the Sharkbite Bay splash track…

Playing with Hot Wheels while camping - DadCAMP

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge is a cross-national competition designed to inspire kids to build and create with their best tracks. has Track Expert tips and tricks and the opportunity to submit a photo of your best track for a chance to win a custom built track in your home and a Track Party hosted by Hot Wheels.

DadCAMP is a member of the Hot Wheels Connector Club and we received all the track you see above as part of our participation on the panel.

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