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We parents have a tendency to freak out a little bit when our kids catch a virus that turns to fever.  For the most part, having a fever is a good thing for babies.  They build up their immune system, they learn to ward off evil and a temperature that goes up will likely come back down.   We’re supposed to fill them with fluids, give them plenty of rest and let the fever take it’s course.  Easy. But what would you do if you had a different viral issue, say a viral video?

We all think we have one when we catch the most magical thing ever to happen with our kids on (digital) tape.  But whats the best treatment for a video that could go viral? Do you put it up on YouTube for the world to see, or do you save it for AFV for a shot at a hundred grand?

A London, Ontario baby caught a virus last week as Emmerson, the little boy afraid of sneezes, saw his popularity skyrocket with 10 million views in a matter of days. And appearances on Good Morning America.

There is money to be made off YouTube videos, Google offers revenue sharing off the ads they post at the bottom of the more popular videos,  if you sign up as a content partner.

Rebecca Black is in line for a nice payday for her viral hit, Friday.

Here are some of ther other best baby videos on YouTube.

Ripping Paper:


And of course, the most viewed video in the history of YouTube , Charlie Bit Me, with more than a quarter BILLION views.

As parents it’s fun to watch the videos because we get what’s happening to the kids on screen, ours act like goofballs all the time too, but try watching them with your infant or toddler on your lap – they’ll squeal with glee in complete understanding of the situation.

The most popular video I have on YouTube is of the day we had our sonogram with our oldest son and heard his heartbeat for the first time.

More than 90 000 people found that interesting.  Why? Who knows, it’s YouTube.

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