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Stylish and Practical Watches for Active Dads

Men’s watches are a timeless accessory piece considered by many people as a wardrobe essential, and when it comes to choosing one, the first and foremost thing to do is choose the right one that syncs up with your lifestyle.

If you’re an active dad, looking to buy a new watch that suits your on-the-go lifestyle with the kids, here’s a guide to finding the right one for you.

Chronograph watches

Many men like the sleek yet multifunctional design of a chronograph watch, as they go with everything from suits to jeans. Chronograph watches are practical, good-looking, reliable and simple to use. Many of them feature a crystal glass face, durable stainless steel case, fashionable leather strap, date display, stopwatch function and water resistance.

If you want an accessory for water sports, golfing, gym workouts, gardening or days out in the sun with the children, an Accurist chronograph watch is an ideal option to keep an eye on the time. Its leather strap and gold ion plated steel case is casual enough to be worn for outdoor sports but still elegant enough to be worn for formal occasions.

Watches Dads - DadCAMP

Leather charmers

Your watch doesn’t have to be encrusted with diamonds to make it stylish. Leather straps have a certain vintage charm and give an alluring aesthetic. A brown leather-strapped watch can be matched with black, brown or oxblood leather shoes as well as your favourite sport shoes. Outdoor enthusiasts might also prefer the durability of the leather strap.

Go digital

With so many digital models on the market, there are plenty to choose from. Sharp looks, easy-to-use settings and a simple face design, make these a popular choice. However, you need to consider water damage, screen damage and battery life.

Whether you want all the show off features of a chronograph watch, the old school looks of a leather strapped number or a techy digital design, the trick is to find one with a long warranty that fits the life of an active dad.

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