Help Kids Believe In Santa

If The Elf on the Shelf isn’t enough to have your little doubter believe in the magic of the season, there’s an app that can help.

Santa Message 2 U is a voice augmenting app that can have you recording personal messages to your kids from Santa. [$1.99 iTunes App Store] (And like The Elf on the Shelf, this is another mom-invention.)

We regularly “send emails” to Saint Nick. This app has been the perfect way for Santa to reply. Since I “send the emails” from my iPhone, I can play the replies to my son from the phone and he buys in.

A couple of tips – practice with the voice augmenting levels a couple of times before you play it for your kids. My first couple of takes had the Jolly Old Elf sounding a little bit like Saw. Creepy.

Ramp up the background noise in the app so it sounds like Santa is emailing his message from a very busy workshop of elves.

About once a week Santa fires a message to my son with a comment on something he’s done in the past couple of days.

He’s digging it and, most importantly, still believing.

How old were your kids when they “figured it out?” How do you try to prolong the magic of the season?

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