[twitter]On July 5, 2006, I went for a lunch date with a girl at The Cactus Club in West Vancouver after talking to her for the first time the night before.

3 years later, on July 4, 2009, we’d get married.

Vancouver Wedding in Stanley Park
Photo by Carolyn Egerszegi

So today, July 4, is a big anniversary for us celebrating a couple of milestones. It’s our 6th and our 9th at the same time.

Charlie has been very excited for celebratory days of late. Father’s Day was almost like my birthday to him and, when he woke up this morning, he was very excited to celebrate July 4.

“Today is a very important day for you, Momma,” he said groggily. “It’s your familyversary!”

I don’t know if he misunderstood anniversary in a way only those 5 and under can, or if he genuinely thought it was a familyversary, but I love it. It’s so absolutely perfect. Sure, this is the anniversary of Jen and I meeting and getting married, but so much of our lives together have been with the boys that calling it a familyversary is the perfect way to go.

The traditional 6th anniversary gifts are of iron or wood, so we celebrated our familyversary by playing golf together.

golf night 2

It was ridiculously windy and cold after a horrendous thunder storm had just blown through town. Didn’t matter, we sucked it up and played some best ball for 5 holes and laughed and giggled as Charlie dropped putts, Zacharie hit long drives, and my wife almost got a hole in one. I won’t talk about my play. Let’s just say Charlie’s putting saved our team and we still lost.

golf night 1

golf night 3

It was the whole family out, having fun celebrating a perfect familyversary.

Family Golf Night

The City of Calgary is celebrating Family Golf Nights every Saturday through the summer at various courses. Kids play free with an adult, there’s a pro on hand offering tips, they have fun prizes, and they use the big cups making it so much easier and fun to play with kids just learning the game.

Our round of 9 at McCall Lake cost us $32 in green fees (kids play free!) and then a $23 splurge on the cart because the weather was miserable.

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