It’s one of the first things a couple learns about each other when they start to get serious. The morning  after that first night together is when your personality is truly laid bare.

“How do you take your coffee?.” one will ask the other. Perhaps it’s from the kitchen as they fix breakfast, or as they throw on a coat to pick some up from the shop around the corner.

To truly know someone is to know how they take their coffee. Exactly how they take their coffee.

I’m a “one coffee a day” guy. I have it in the morning, on my commute. One, maybe two milks, just enough to cut the bitterness. That’s how I take my coffee.

My wife is far more purposeful. Those memes that float around the internet were created about people like her.

coffee memes

She likes enough milk “to make it the color of a brown paper bag” and then a precisely 3 second pour of sugar.

And then it has to be stirred. If I make her coffee and don’t stir it, I’m in trouble.

Maybe it’s a female thing? When I canvassed my social networks, asking people how they like their coffee, the guys were easy about their daily grind. Matthew prefers it with 2 cream and a sugar, but will go without sugar if not available.  Davindra is “easy going” and doesn’t have any ritual about his morning joe.

The women? They brought it full throttle.

“With milk…skim milk preferrably,” explained Grace. “Can’t be cream, no flavoured coffee.”

“I would rather have the caffeine withdrawal than drink black coffee YUCK!!,” screamed Christine while Susie was completely opposite. “Black. Any other way is no way. 😀 Lol.”  

“Plenty of cream and very little sweetener,” my friend Kerri dictated. “And I am not easy-going about it at all.”

10 minutes after asking a simple coffee question on social and I started to appreciate the plethora of memes that flood my feeds (and had greater understanding in the Battle of the Sexes – don’t mess with her coffee. Ever).

coffee sugar milk

No matter how you take it – with every care, or with no cares – coffee is personal. 7-Eleven Coffee Bars let you dress it up, dress it down, all on your own. From syrups to flavoured milks, to whiteners to sugar free to decaf, it’s all there for you to do how you do.  Nobody does coffee like you, and 7-Eleven understands that.

7-Eleven Coffee

Our affection for the bean has taken on a life of its own.  The sense of humor from the meme cards has moved to the cup itself. I’m collecting a different one each morning as my own personal daily affirmation.

7-Eleven Coffee Cups

You see, even though I’m lax on my coffee preferences , that’s not to say I don’t enjoy the (humor) and ritual of it at times.

My favourite days are late spring weekend mornings. The ones where the sun rises early and dewy steam rises off the back lawn. There’s still a crisp bite to the air, but if you sit on the sunny side of the back deck, it’s warm enough to sit out in just your jammies, linger over a fresh coffee, listen to the birds, and “read the paper” (news feeds on my phone).

back deck morning coffee

Go ahead, ask someone “how do you take your coffee?” and watch what happens. From the particular to the laissez-faire, everyone has an answer to this question that is uniquely “them.”

This post is sponsored by 7-Eleven

Coffee preference is as personal as it is particular, and the best cup of coffee is often one that’s made by you, to your liking. At the 7-Eleven Coffee Bar you’re guaranteed great coffee, brewed from Canadian-roasted, 100% premium Arabica coffee beans, ethically- sourced and hand-selected.

coffee bar at 7-Eleven

All syrups, toppings and condiments (mini marshmallows!!) are provided at no extra charge. And with 7Rewards app every 7th cup is free.

Download the 7Rewards app to try a FREE cup. Simply go in, pour yourself a coffee, then customize it the way you – and only you – want.

coffee app

Once you get it the way you want it, repeat. Every 7th cup is free at the self-serve coffee bar. And if you need an afternoon coffee delight,  a 12 oz. coffee is half-price on weekdays from 2pm-5pm with the 7Rewards app.


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