Halloween Masks From Michaels

[twitter]For the second time in a week, the kitchen table has been overtaken by CraftMania! at our house. It’s bizarre. We’ll go months without any glue or glitter then BAM!! It’s Scissors, paper, and pipe cleaners! Oh my!

The boys are off school today, a second day of professional development tacked on to the Thanksgiving long weekend. Without extra holiday time ourselves to burn (as we parent without a net), Jen is catching up on paperwork at home while the boys sit at the table tackling all the Haloween crafts for kids ever created.

You can print off Pinterest printable crafts if you want (and like we did for Thanksgiving) or you can buy pre-made  kits of Halloween crafts for kids from Michaels for dirt cheap.

There’s always something 40% or 60% off there (which makes me wonder how much of a rip-off the full price really is), and so we grabbed some balsa wood masks (84 cents ea), pipe cleaner spiders, neoprene haunted castles ($7.19), and other kits of ghoulishness to let the boys loose all morning.

Haunted Castle Craft from Michaels

Haunted Castle Craft from Michaels

Immediately after breakfast their masks were done and the spiders soon followed.

Halloween Mask Crafts from Michaels

Halloween Spider Craft

Need some Haloween crafts for the next rainy day this month? Check out the roster at Michaels.

This isnt a sponsored post, just a pro tip about what’s working for us.

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