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[twitter]I don’t know why I love Halloween so much. I’m not into the costumes or the candy, really. Neither are my kids. Still, there is a huge air of excitement around the holiday and we counted down to it all week long.

I think I just love seeing the people on the street. I love ringing the neighbour’s door, saying hi to families for a walk, and just experiencing a holiday where the entire community comes alive.

So often we park in our garage, drive to our underground office tower, have dinner, go to bed, and never really see what happens around us. Communities, especially suburban ones, don’t really seem to have a lively energy to them. There’s no coffee shops, or restaurants, etc. Foot traffic, unless you’re walking to the bus to commute downtown, doesn’t really happen.

The kids don’t play outside as much as before, and while the playground can be a busy place, it’s mostly quiet. So Halloween brings the place alive. Hundreds of people out for a walk, smiles on their faces, and celebrating.

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running down street

We had a great 45 minute stroll around the neighborhood this week with friends and neighbors and lots of candy. We ditched all the sours and sugar on the front porch for the big kids to take, kept the chocolate bars for ourselves, and served up some leftovers for the Switch Witch.

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switch witch letter

She showed up with the requested Beyblades and LEGO and all is good in the world.

53 days until Christmas.

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