TELUS Spark is hosting the Calgary Fire Department as part of their Meet An Innovator series on July 26.

There’s something about firetrucks and boys. It was one of the first words Zacharie learned thumbing through picture books. And the attraction has stayed.

Ask my boys what they want to be when they grow up and it will be some combination of superhero ninja firefighter. Actually, if you think about it, firefighters are kind of like superhero ninjas. Perhaps that’s why the boys love them.

Any chance they have to climb on a firetruck, or play dress-up with their fireman costumes at home, and they’ll take it. Yes, Zacharie was a franken-fireman for Halloween.

Zacharie Frankenstein Fireman

At Christmas we drop off toys to the local firehall for the “girls and boys who don’t have more toys,” as Zacharie says. The Calgary Firefighters Toy Association hosts an event for kids who won’t have a bright Christmas and hands out gifts. Zacharie and Charlie donate their favorite gift they would like from Santa to the pile each year, and then get to play on the fire trucks right in the fire hall.

Zacharie Charlie hose

Every spring there is Disaster Alley where emergency response teams bring their big toys for kids to climb on and explore, and the boys are right there.


We wave to the fireman at the grocery store (we seem to see them every other weekend), and when the big truck pulls up to Stampede Breakfasts, the boys bound over to the local crew like they’re best friends.Charlie coat

I think Z would make a great fireman, his Stampede moustache blended right in with the hat.

Zacharie helmet

It’s going to be hard work, though. A couple of years back during a hiring spree, I took the Calgary Firefighters CPAT challenge. The physical test firefighters must complete to be considered. Climbing stairs with 75 pounds of extra weight, hauling hoses, hammering walls, climbing through dark tunnels. I failed. Terribly.

Superhero ninja firefighters. That sounds about right.

Meet An Innovator at TELUS Spark

TELUS Spark has a series of events called Meet an Innovator, where they invite interesting people to come down and demonstrate their careers for kids. On July 26, the Calgary Fire Department will be at TELUS Spark.

The July 26 event is all about the risks and innovations in firefighting. They’ll be on site doing vehicle extrication demonstrations; yes,ripping a vehicle apart. They will have the K-9 unit here with “Gibbs” the dog doing live demonstrations (and Sparky the Fire Department mascot for good measure).

People will even be able to explore a fire truck and try on the gear, and truly experience what it’s like to be a superhero ninja firefighter. It’s a very family-friendly event and should be a fun day! There are more details online here.

Thanks to TELUS Spark for supporting Team Diabetes Canada in exchange for this branded content.

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