Grandma’s Toybox

Zacharie has a lot of toys at our house, but he likes Nana’s better – I swear.

He’s got Thomas trains and Curious George books and puppets and tents and paints and puzzles and …. but he never runs in to his play room with the same excitement as he does when he’s at Nana’s house and gets to crack open her toybox.>

Perhaps its the special aura that Nanas have. He’s only there every week or so, so the toys always seem new and fresh. Truth is, they’re not. The toybox my mother has for her grandchildren consists of toys she saved from me, my brother and my sister’s bedrooms. The exact same toys I played with 30+ years ago, my son and niece now find enjoyment with.

fisher price toysThe Fisher Price camper, town and airport provide hours of wonder.

Which makes me wonder if my grandchildren will feel the same excitement to come over to my house and play with a Thomas the Train set.


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