Dads are notoriously busy, trying to fit it all in from work, to taking care of the kids, to chores and errands and trying to carve out time to enjoy their activities. If your activity of choice happens to be golf, then there’s no doubt you try to fit in a round at your favorite course whenever possible.

Maybe you’re such a fan of the sport that you’ve also invested in a golf cart – ideal for getting around the course and potentially your city/town if the laws allow. But did you know that by taking the proper steps you can extend the lifespan of your golf cart?

Here’s a look at the essential golf cart maintenance tips and ideas that are perfect for busy dads such
as you.

Install Accessories That Better the Ride and Extend the Lifespan

When it comes to accessories you can install on your golf cart, the list is massive. It comes down to your needs, how you use the golf cart, the size of the cart and your budget. The good news is that most accessories can be easily installed at home, so there’s no need to pay for installation.

Accessories can make the ride more comfortable and your golf cart appear newer and some also act as preventative steps in terms of keeping it in like-new condition. You can find shops online that offer fast shipping on accessories, making it a quick and convenient shopping experience for dads who don’t have a lot of extra time.

Some of the best accessories to pick up that will help protect the cart while offering functional or aesthetic benefits include:

  • Golf cart covers
  • Seat covers
  • Floor mats
  • Storage accessories
  • Suspension/springs
  • Body parts
  • Brush guards

Charge the Battery After Each Use

It’s also a good idea to get into the practice of charging your electric golf cart’s battery after each use. Even if you only used it for a short time, it’s not good to let the cart sit around with a drained battery. It’s also important you’re using the proper charger for the battery so as not to damage it. Battery care should be a top priority for all golf cart owners.

Perform Regular Checks on the Golf Cart

Preventative maintenance is always cheaper and smarter than waiting until the cart needs repairs. Preventative maintenance helps cut down on wear and tear, which means the cart will last longer.

A few tips you can follow that aren’t overly time-consuming include:

  • Inspect the brakes (drums, pads and cables)
  • Check the tire pressure
  • Inspect mirrors looking for cracks or damage
  • Ensure lights are working
  • Check steering wheel
  • Keep batteries clean

And even though these checks will help in terms of preventative maintenance, it’s still wise to take the cart for professional service yearly. A professional is more likely to spot potential red flags that may need to be addressed.

Don’t Put Off Repairs

This brings us to repairs, which may be necessary even if you are taking preventative maintenance steps. The biggest mistake you can make is to brush off repairs and deal with them later. Ignoring issues can lead to even bigger problems with the cart, which will also increase the cost of the repairs.

Treat the Cart with Care When Driving It

Finally, wear and tear is also based on the driver. If you drive your cart on the terrain the wheels aren’t meant to handle, overload the cart, speed regularly, and generally drive it without care – then you can expect to drastically decrease its lifespan. Driving with care doesn’t take up time, it’s just about knowing the limits of your cart and respecting them.

Keep Your Golf Cart in New Condition

So if you’re a busy dad who loves the freedom of owning a cart, and being able to enjoy the courses nearby, then these tips will prove essential.

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