Go Jump In A Lake

[twitter]Summer started with Charlie not being able to jump in the side of a pool and ended with him jumping off a dock into a lake.

We spent 3 nights at our friend’s cabin on the shores of North Lake on the Sunshine Coast. Both boys were excited to go out for a spin in the dingy, but jumping off the dock was greeted with varying degrees of excitement.

Zacharie was first. He climbed down the stairs and pushed himself into the water before quickly scurrying back. Charlie was next. And next. And next. And next. 4 times he climbed down and jumped off. He went from the top step, a bottom step, forwards, and backwards. He swam out into the lake, he dog paddled back. The kid was great.

Then it was daddy’s turn. I let my freak flag fly with a goofy arm waving scream as I pounded down the dock and jumped in to the eternal giggles of my kids.

Summer achievement unlocked: go jump in a lake.

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