Give Your Kids A Wildhood

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I think it’s important to break routine, and get out of the house whenever I have a spare moment with the kids. Whether it’s geocaching, hiking, camping, or throwing ice chunks at frozen lakes, getting out of the house is an important part of raising my kids.

This week we’re off for our annual winter break to Mexico. Our resort is on the edge of a huge estuary where we can explore for turtles and birds.

We’re going to wander the old town and try new foods, maybe ride a camel and cross a suspension bridge. We will swim, and build, and play, and leave our devices in the room.

We will ad lib our vacation to be filled with adventure.

That’s what being a kid is about. A new ad from Go RVing Canada has put it perfectly when asks parents to “give your kids a wildhood.” It plays right into everything I believe about being a ‘not at home dad.’

I like to break routine, get out of the house and instead of being lulled by gadgets and tv for entertainment we are free to explore and challenge ourselves.

Here’s their mission statement and the wonderful commercial that celebrates wildhood and everything I’m looking forward to about camping with my kids this summer.

Kids want their wildhoods back.

They want to play not have playdates.
Get dirty not sanitized.
They want you to trade your parenting books
for a fishing rod.

They want to wander.
Be left alone for more than five minutes.
They want to sleep in a bunk.
Stare at the stars past their bedtime.
They want to eat with their hands.
Eat from a stick.
Visit their neighbour without a chaperone.
They want to run, skip, and roam free.

Let’s give them what they are truly missing.
Let’s give them back their wildhoods.

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