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[twitter]Now that we are deep into June, I think it’s safe enough to make an appointment to finally remove the snow tires. Oh, you laugh, but it has snowed every month of the calendar year in Calgary, so waiting until at least mid-May is a given. I called 2 weeks ago to make my snow tire appointment and the only available one was next week. So I’m not the only one who waits a little while before switching out the snowies.

Now that is done, here are 3 other easy ways to make sure your car is ready for summer:

1. Check the tires.

I’ve had my summer tires sitting in the garage under the stairs. The temperature has gone up and down over that time, so checking for wear and cracks is an important first step. If you do have swapping out of winter and summer tires, you can rely on your tire shop to have proper tire pressure, and wear.

If you have one set all year, then give a measure of the tread using a key to make sure you still have some grip. You need at least 1/8th of an inch of tread, if they’re down to 1/16th they are considered bald. The owner’s manual is a great first place to look for details to make sure you have inflation at the right level.

If you need new tires, scroll down for some great deals.

2. Check your car fluids.

Along with the tire change in spring (summer) and fall, I also get my oil changed and get the fluids topped up. It’s a great idea to double up on the service to just get it all done at once. So pop in to a service bay and make sure you’re fresh for the road tripping season.

3. Pack a Summer Kit.

In the winter I always keep blankets, a shovel, a first aid kit, and some food in the trunk in case the snow drifts get me. All those tools work well in the summer too, I don’t off road, so I take out the shovel to save extra room for our camping gear.

That’s how I’m getting ready for road tripping and the camping season. What are your tips for getting your car ready for summer?

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