It’s down to that time of year when you start FaceTiming your loved ones .. from the store.

My mom said my grandfather wanted a shirt. Not knowing what a 92 yr old man wears these days, I stood in the aisle showing her some ideas, making sure I got something to go with ‘all the brown’ he wears, and was his size.

That solved, she told me my father wanted a fleece sweater he could wear around the house. Not knowing what a 75 yr old man wears these days, I moved over to active wear and offered up some selections while she guided me through the shopping.

I’m a grown man who can make his own decisions, but I’m terrible at understanding other people’s sizes. (There’s a reason I’ve never bought my wife lingerie).

That settled, I hurried home and got it all boxed up to send off to Vancouver in time for Christmas. Sending a personalized parcel really makes the season best. In addition to the gifts (and gift cards) for the family back home, we added art and sculpture from my sons, and some of our home baking all with something a little extra…


To make our parcel even better, the gang at UPS set me up with a Message In A Parcel box!

It was a limited-edition UPS parcel that let selected shippers share a personalized greeting.  I pressed record, and my sons got to play Santa for everyone back home.

All tucked in together with love, I got it off to The UPS Store with plenty of time to spare – for a change.

If you’re not even close to completing your list and still running around last minute, with parcels set to go hither and yon, you’ve got almost right up until the last minute to get things there on time with UPS.

Here’s the 2016 Year-End Holiday Schedule for UPS so you can keep on track:

UPS Christmas Delivery Dates

This post is sponsored by UPS

During the busy holiday shipping season, UPS expects to deliver more than 700 million packages globally in 25 days before New Year’s Eve.

Approximately 28 million packages are shipped every day. Peak delivery week is December 19 – 23, 2016 with an approximate 30 million packages crossing the globe with UPS.


The busiest tracking day is December 21 when 204 million tracking requests will be made ‘just to make sure’ the parcel is on its way.

If you use UPS and you get it done on tie, it will get there thanks to 95 000 seasonal workers helping out, just like those busy elves up north.

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