[twitter]We had a blast of winter in September, a two day blast of snow that dumped more than a foot in our yard for 3 days.

Calgary is weird like that, it will snow, and snow hard, and then disappear almost instantly. Still, as we approach Halloween, I’m wary of the fact that winter will soon arrive and not leave. The first snow happens around the end of the month, along with the first plunge in to the minus teens, and that weather pattern continues until at least May.

It’s in the back of mind. Winter is coming. Ugh.

This week I’ve been running to the forest just a few blocks from our house with the boys as often as possible. The leaves are already mostly on the ground, but what hangs in the tree is enough to cast a beautiful golden spotlight on the season.

The paths in the forest are a huge labyrinth that criss cross, climb, and wander across the hill. There are random springs, mountain bike tracks, rusted out cars, and all sorts of things to discover. I usually lead the way with a geocache or two in sight. This time I let the boys go. I wanted to get lost. I didnt offer hints about going left or right, I just let them go and get us lost in the forest.

Charlie Zacharie on Paskapoo path

Getting Lost at Paskapoo


Lost Car on Paskapoo Slope

Temple on Paskapoo Slope

Trails on Paskapoo Slope

It was a perfect fall afternoon. The sort of thing you cherish in December, January, February, March, and April.

Running Paskapoo trails

Because winter is coming.

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