There is a whole world out there full of things to do either just for an hour, on a day trip or for a longer time travelling, but how to pick where to go and what to do that will suit you? Some people prefer to stay in and cook, others to go and see a play or band, and still others would love nothing more than a relaxing spa weekend! If you and your partner are more the sporty type of couple, here are a few fun ideas for where to travel or go on a day trip for you.

Playing sport

There are sure to be many things that you already like doing near you, going out and playing tennis, football or whichever sport takes your fancy. Engaging in your favourite sport is always a fun activity, but why not make it even more so? Try something a little different, out of the box. Instead of heading to your local courts, pitch or field, why not go a little further afield? You could give something new a try, from water sports to ice-skating to crazy golf. Or play the same old sports but in a memorable location, like beach football at sunset, somewhere you have never been or somewhere you have always wanted to go.


There are so many activities available for sporty couples to engage in, from hiking to mountain biking and high low ropes in some areas to skiing and snowboarding in others, it just depends where you are and how willing you are to travel. Why not have a think about what activity you have always really wanted to do and then base your trip around that, finding more options in the area to round out your trip. A climbing holiday can also incorporate white water rafting, via Ferrata and an incredible hike all at the same time. A trip to snowier climates can incorporate the aforementioned skiing and snowboarding but also jumping out of helicopters, jumps and even a good old  fashioned snowball fight! And let’s not forget the après ski, hot tubs, steam rooms and a good old drink by the fire.

Watching sport

Another great option for sporty couples is to go and watch the sports that you love. From a day trip to see your favourite local player or team to travelling the world heading to all the Opens keeping up with the latest tennis betting odds, there is definitely an itinerary to suit everyone. Have a look at what is on in your area, a drive away or even a flight. There are so many fantastic sports out there too so you don’t have to stick with what you know. Think about your budget, free time but most importantly what your dream trip would look like, and start planning to make it happen today.

All in all there are many great options for you to consider for a day out or longer trip, from playing your favourite sport, to trying out something new through to going to see the best show you how it’s done. The key is to think about what you want to do, make it fun and make it a reality!

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