From 50 Shades Of Grey To 50 Shades Of Orange

father and sons at the zoo
Going to the zoo? Dress the kids in orange.

My wife loves mom to mom sales.

You know, the sorts of things that are in community centers where moms buy a table and sell all their old toys and outgrown clothes. Not only does she make a couple hundred bucks selling our hand-me-downs, she also gets good deals on ‘new to us’ clothes for our 2 boys.

She’s so into it that, after attending 3 sales, she’s throwing her own next month.

Last sale she had a lady come to her table and disdainfully ask, “Why are all your jackets orange?” (it’s true, my wife was selling two winter and a spring jacket, all bright orange).

“So I can see my kids at the park,” my wife replied.

The woman paused, cocked her head, and nodded in agreement. “I have never thought of that,” she said, fishing through her purse for some bills to buy the coats.

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