[twitter]Zacharie had never wanted to have his face painted – until this weekend.

To be honest, I was fine with this. I can understand that kids like to get all painted up and it’s fun, but I was cool with the fact my son didn’t want to get makeup all over his clothes. We’d ask and offer every time there was a chance to get something done, he would always say no.

That changed this weekend when we made the annual visit to A Day Out With Thomas at Heritage Park. Zacharie not only asked to have his face painted, he was willing to wait nearly half an hour in line to get it done. The game changer? Spider-Man.

Zacharie saw half a dozen boys wandering the grounds with Spider-Man paint and was adamant he have it done too.

“Are you sure?” I asked. “Yes!” He immediately replied.

“But you’ve never wanted to have it done before,” I responded. “Yeah, but I didn’t know you could be Spider-Man!”

zacharie spider-man dadcamp

zacharie spider-man dadcamp

zacharie spider-man dadcamp

zacharie spider-man dadcamp

He rocked that paint the rest of the day. When it was time to do groceries in the afternoon he gladly piled in with me and whispered “everyone thinks I’m the real Spider-Man, daddy” as the other shoppers pointed at him.

His only disappointment? That the make-up didn’t last until he had to go to school.

dadcamp fire

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