Freelancing For Charity: DadCAMP Is A Different Kind Of PR Friendly Blog


[twitter]DadCAMP is not your traditional PR Friendly blog.

While many in the mommy/daddy blogging genre actively chase brands to create marketing opportunities, I write because I like to write. If any money can be made from this blog, I want to use it to support Team Diabetes Canada.

I have run Team D events in Iceland, Brazil, and Easter Island (and will head to Scotland in May) raising more than $25 000 along the way. I like to call what I do “Freelancing For Charity.” If I can make some money from these blogs, I want it to go to Team D.

Last year I was involved with a promotion for ING Direct. Earlier this month I engaged PayPal in a Valentine’s Day promotion encouraging people to use PayPal for their online purchases. I did that in exchange for a donation to Team Diabetes. Next week I will start a campaign for Skylanders Giants, again in exchange for a donation to Team Diabetes.

If you represent a brand, or interested in a “PR Friendly” campaign, I would love it if you would support Team Diabetes.

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