Free Parking

Parks. I love them. The kids love them. And they’re free.

There are 2 keys for families buying a new home: proximity to schools and parks. Our new home is close to 3 schools and what I thought was 2 parks. Then I found another one. And another one. And another one.

We have the yellow park, the green park, the brown park and the list goes on and on and on.

Yesterday we took Zacharie to Prince’s Island Park in the heart of downtown Calgary and we had a wild day playing on the train, going down slides and climbing around. And when I say “we,” I mean all of us. Zacharie, me, Jen – we all had fun climbing and running all around. That’s the best part of playgrounds, the chance to get out and climb and run and race with the little one. You couldnt pay for this kind of cross training.

Prince’s Island’s playground has a great layout too, the benches for supervising are in the centre and the play area circles it. Parents can sit in the middle and see their kids playing right in front instead of trying to peek around apparatus to see their children.

Playground 2010-03-12 prince's island - 5 2010-03-13 park life - 1 2010-03-12 prince's island - 3 2010-03-13 park life - 5 2010-03-13 park life - 6 2010-03-13 park life - 4 2010-03-13 park life - 2

Another day this past weekend we went to check out Telus World of Science – we never made it in. There are two big slides outside and Zacharie had enough of a blast that we just stayed outside. A family membership to Telus World of Science is $120, to play at a playground is free. Which do you think he has more fun at?

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